The New York Times published an article about Vote Common Good, the platform by which democrats are trying to gain new votes looking for a wider political base.

Since ‘the Democratic Party has largely struggled to connect with white, socially conservative voters’, the article explains how different sectors of it are trying to reconcile with these portions of electorate through Vote Common Good.

Eric Hadar, chairman of Allied Partners, is one of Vote Common Good’s many donors. Among others consulted for the article, he said: “As a white, liberal Jew living in New York, I can march up Fifth Avenue day and night, it won’t have the same impact. This evangelical base is really where this is going to turn.”

Facing November’s election, emphasis is put on the promises and values the Republican party has betrayed, according to Vote Common Good. That’s why the platform is doing rallies all along the US. [NYT] – Elizabeth Dias