Vintage Luxury Experience at The Savoy Hotel Miami Beach” by Impact WealthAugust 2020

“Americans flock to Miami for its beautiful weather and robust cultural scene. With a stunning array of culinary options and outdoor activities year-round, Miami represents a dream destination for tourists across the world.”

Americans flock to Miami for its beautiful weather and robust cultural scene by Times Square Chronicles,  August 2020

“Just steps from the world-famous Art Deco strip on Ocean Drive in South Beach lies this intriguing boutique Savoy Hotel. The oceanfront complex features 31 refined suites designed to match the tropical charm of the beachside as well as two outdoor pools.”

“Satisfying The Crave For Wanderlust At Miami’s Savoy Hotel & Beach Club” by Forbes, August 2020

“For those comfortable with travel, or those that have the luxury of calling sunshine-filled Miami home, The Savoy Hotel & Beach Club is calling. Art, culture, night life, and the sandy beaches of South Beach are ready and waiting for you.”

“The Savoy Hotel & Sandbar By Georgios Brings Magic to Miami” by Resident Publications, August 2020

“The Savoy Hotel & Beach Club in Miami is truly the place to be to brighten up your days. Find magical moments at this beautiful destination in the sun.”

“This Art Deco hotel has a new tropical look – and an amazing new pool mural” by Miami Herald,  January 2020

“We are proud to have restored The Savoy to its original Art Deco splendor, now with personalized amenities and bespoke service at the ultra-boutique level,”

“Ocean Drive has seen many renaissances, but will this wave be the one that brings the locals back to the famous strip?” by Miami Herald, January 2020

“Our vision is to bring back the magic of the 1940s Savoy,” says Eric Hadar, chairman of Allied Partners, who touts a 7-star experience. “No DJs, special effects or motorized beach toys. Plenty of grilled fish and fresh homemade sorbets, directly on the sand of one of the world’s best beaches.”

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